Glow At Home Natural DIY Scrub

Glow At Home Natural DIY Scrub

Most of us are just waiting for Summer at this point. Looking forward to days filled with good friends, social gatherings, and days at the beach. So, let's get your beach bod ready and talk legs, ankles, and feet with a simple and easy DIY recipe. 

With essential ingredients from both your garden and kitchen you can create endless beauty formulas. 

We love a good anklet and can't wait to add the trend to our jewelry wardrobe this season. Making sure that your skin is prepped for summer sandal + ankle weather comes first and it's as easy as gathering from your garden or reaching for the pantry. Chances are you already have a combination of ready-to-use ingredients that you could whip up a "get glowing" scrub within 5 minutes. And the combinations are endless!


Here are the basics for your homemade scrub

-Exfoliant: Salt, sugar, ground coffee, baking soda, or oats.

-Liquid: Coconut Oil, honey, milk, yogurt, or lemon juice. You could also recycle your tea leaves or ground coffee.

-Extras (but not necessary): Fresh sprigs of herbs or flower petals from your garden. Essential oils, or basics from the pantry such as turmeric, vanilla, or powdered cocoa.

Citrus can be a refreshing ingredient with the use of the outer skins for an exfoliant as well as the yummy fruit to whip into your scrub recipe. 

Once you've chosen your simple ingredients, mix together and test a few combinations to create your favorite recipe that will help you achieve a healthy glow.

Experimenting is half of the fun and with so many options you'll be ready to shine in no time! 




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