Traveling with Jewelry

Traveling with Jewelry

I recently had a conversation with my friend Sally about what jewelry we take with us when we travel.

First of all, I love cute, small, padded travel pouches, but recently I received a very nice and compact jewelry travel wrap that is just perfect! I love that it has separate compartments for earrings and necklaces, that zip closed and its small enough to stash in my purse or leave in a hotel safe.

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Personally, I don't travel with my favorite pieces and prefer to keep my accessories to a minimum when I'm away from home. My philosophy is that I just don't want to take the chance, and I don't want to have to worry about it.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't leave the house without wearing jewelry, so of course, I take some things with me when I go on a trip, but I'm selective. I have a few standard travel pieces. Depending on where I'm traveling to, and what clothes I pack, so I don't always take the same things.

My regular travel jewelry includes a pair of inexpensive (but still classy looking) pearl earrings, a long freshwater pearl strand, and my go to gold bangles. I try to pack so that I have options, so I also like to bring at least two pairs of fun earrings to wear in the evening, along with a necklace that I'll wear all the time, and a long necklace or two to mix it up.


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Again, all of this might vary a bit, depending on where we are going, and how long we are away, but the bottom line is the same: keep it simple. 

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