Paris travels...

Paris travels...

I love to buy jewelry. That's no secret I guess, but what I really mean to say is that I love going to trade shows to buy jewelry. The excitement is in finding something new, of searching and weeding through all of the choices to find something and falling in love with it.

It's no wonder that sales increase when we return from a jewelry show, because we really put our heart into hand picking each piece and bringing it home. Yes, sometimes it's hard to let go, but we don't always. 

Finding new designers and manufacturers isn't always easy, but when we do, it's like meeting long lost family or making a new best friend. The jewelry you wear should be an expression of your personal style, and finding a designer that understands your style, is like hitting the fashion lottery. 

Again this year, I visited Bijorhca, an exclusive jewelry show in Paris, France, and I wanted to share some of my experience with you! 

 Bijorhca, The International Jewellery Show

The High Design Gallery

The Paris Expo Porte de Versaille

From Florence, Italy, crotchet necklaces with genuine stones.

The Metier team! Our newest designer line, from London, coming soon!

New jewelry by Metier! 

The Lola Lecannelier girls, and me! 

Laughing for our selfie in the Lola Lecannelier booth. 

Fun new jewelry, handmade in Italy, by Untitledition. This product is so fun and colorful, and a great price point. We will definitely be in the store for the holidays!

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